When do you need a family lawyer’s help in Fort Collins?

Family relationships do not always allow a civilized solution to the conflict. Depending on the specific situation, a fort collins family attorneys will help resolve financial and property disputes between family members in case of divorce, determining the place of residence of a minor child, and in other legal matters.

Pre-trial settlement of family disputes is an ideal solution for most married couples who do not have a chance to agree on their own. If the case goes to court, the family lawyer guarantees a positive outcome in favor of the client. It is a mistake to assume that a family lawyer may be needed only for divorce — in practice, conflicts can have a material, financial motive, challenging paternity, etc.

The Legal Center provides qualified legal support:

  • dissolve the marriage in court;
  • divorce without the presence of the parties;
  • it is beneficial to divide the jointly acquired property in the event of divorce;
  • establish the fact of family relations, recognize the marriage as invalid;
  • draw up, conclude or terminate a marriage contract (agreement);
  • invalidate the marriage contract (agreement) in whole or in part;
  • deprive parental rights or adopt a child;
  • collect alimony for the child/spouse;
  • establish or challenge paternity;
  • determine the child’s place of residence, establish a schedule for communication with the child, etc.;
  • take the child abroad without the consent of the spouse (obtain permission for the child to travel abroad in court).
  • resolve other family disputes;

other cases, for example, fort collins bankruptcy attorneys help.

An Attorney — civilized solution

Disputes are not excluded when the situation is complicated by the presence of encumbrances on housing, mortgage loans issued by a married couple. In this case, the participation of fort collins divorce attorneys is also required during a divorce.

Lawyers have the necessary experience and knowledge to take the right position in pre-trial dispute resolution or courtroom proceedings. In addition to the full representation of the client, the staff of our center gives useful and practical advice that affects the positive outcome of the dispute.

A good family lawyer is a civilized solution that will suit both parties without bringing the case to court. If for personal or financial or other reasons, the spouses cannot agree peacefully, our lawyers will take on the full representation of the client’s interests, including without the plaintiff’s personal presence in the courtroom.

A family lawyer knows how to present standard information in a favorable light, using it exclusively for the benefit of the client.